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Sun May 13, 6: A standard size 40mm pure clay chip will always be in the region of g ish.

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Feb 19, Next Update: The Hendon Mob 14 gram casino chips. Sat May 12, grm Sat May 12, 9: Neither is comparable to the proper clay chips you get in Vegas casinos - they are surprisingly light about 9g but they don't slide around on each other and will last a lifetime.

If you're investing in a set of chips and you're not too the house from the movie casino about costs, look out for Paulsons.

Sat May 12, Wedding fun casino around 10g is fine. Get 'proper' chips here. Sun May 13, 6: A metal slug is added to composite chips to bulk up the weight. A standard size 40mm pure clay chip will always be in the region of g ish. Kev I'm writing an email to support about some sample chips what should i say to them? Love Ace" Help Me Kev. Sun May 13, 7: Thanks Kev, I Said that you said i could have some.

Steve50 Royal Flush Joined: Meeshu Full House Joined: Alex Scott Trips Joined: Ace old Band Joined: Even those usually have tiny brass flakes added to the mix to 14 gram casino chips them heavier - genuine clay is very light. The composite chips that are so common in the UK even in major casinos and on TV shows are okay, but the metal used to add weight can make the chips unbalanced and therefore harder to stack or do tricks with, and the composite material is often a bit cheap and slick so they slide around too much and cqsino apart after heavy use.

Most people who just have the occasional home game won't notice the difference, but for real connoisseurs there's nothing like a proper clay chip. PokerStars use a US company to make our custom chips a2zbettingcom book book casino gambling online sport sport http: Kevin Hutchins Moderator Joined: Display posts from previous: All times are GMT.

25 8-Stripe Green 14 Gram Poker Chips. $ Read More Add To Cart · 25 8-Stripe Orange 14 Gram Poker Chips. $ Read More Add To Cart. 25 8-Stripe. The 14 gram piece Z Striped Clay Poker Chip Set is good for players. This set features the great sound and feel of a clay chip with a metal insert for an. The Ultimate poker chips are clay poker chips. The graphics features "The Ultimate Poker Chip", 4 suits and a denomination on the chip. The 14 gram weight.